Thursday, August 12, 2010

sleep and awaken

i was sleeping very soundly this morning, when i was woken up with a court notice. you see, there are these scumbags who moved in across the street. well, one moved in and his disgusting jabba the hutt looking 'girlfriend' is there all the time too. with her obnoxious red van and her disgusting face. these people are section 8's. they recieve charity care. aka the state pays for the guys apartment. it's connected to my neighbors house, a guy i have known for my entire life. they have been causing problems since the day they moved in. they called the cops on my father cos his truck was making too much noise at 5am one morning when he was going to work. well, today, about half the block got a summons. these shit bags want to build a mormon church on the property. they are suing the town and the chamber of commerce, they are suing the mayor, and now they are trying to sue me. this is exactly the kind of thing that is wrong with america. when i have a problem with somebody, i talk to them about it. usually the problem gets settled. these retards think that the world revolves around them. well, i dunno exactly what is gonna happen, but i think if you try to sue all the people on a street, and all those people ferverntly hate you, you might not do too well. in other words, it seems like the angry mob always prevails. these people are complete garbage. they have actually called the cops on the children of my neighbor (ags 5 and 7 i think) for 'trespassing' on 'their' property. funny. cos its my neighbors property, and those kids are his nephew and niece. even the cops are fed up with these losers. in fact, they had to take these cases to the county court because the municipal court wouldnt hear them anymore. total trouble makers. and it really pissed me off today. i wish this was 14th century europe. i'd show them what fun longswords are.

pissed and frazzled

-fallen jedi

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