Monday, August 9, 2010

blog one: it has to start somewhere.

i decided to start a blog today because i like to write and it seems logical to share an electronic edition of my life.

in this rapidly changning world, nobody seems to konw which way to look anymore. both literally and proverbially. im nearing thirty years old. i was born into the videogaming gerneration, and became an adult in the dawning of the age of information. and everyday, im baffeld by the ever increasing amount of new technology, rehashed old technology and just plain weirdness coming onto the scene. for every milestone of actual progress we, as humanity, make, we always hold true to the stupidity that we so often speak of ourselves.

people are funny, at best. we have sent unmanned spacecraft to jupiter, the moons of saturn and even pluto...more amzingly we got signifgant readings and video, furthering our knowledge of the universe exponentially. yet we still can't seem to figure out how to lose weight and clear our skin. or how to keep our spouse happy. funny. like i said.

it has been said that i am an old soul, and i feel that this could very well be so. i happen to be spiritual. very much so, in fact. i believe in the christian God, his son Jesus and his mother, Mary, as deities. i believe in her words at Fatima, when she told the little children the definate and possible future of mankind. i believe that armegeddon will happen, and i believe that it will be an epic battle between good and evil. more epic than all the wars of human history combined. and i hope that there is a 'creation of a new kingdom' when it's all over!

i disagree strongly with what is happening in america today. i disagree strongly with the policies of barak obama and his socialist agenda. i agree with the war in iraq and afghanistan. i served in the US army from 1999 -20001, i got out due to leg injuries during peacetime. but i stand with my brothers over there and at home. my town alone lost over 20 people because of the events of september 11th. i have a deep rooted, very human, thirst for revenge and justice. this is not warfare of yore. there are nuclear weapons that can go anwhere in the world, but even halfway around the world is a tremendous threat to the security of the free world. we cant wait for them to make the next move, and while i feel for the loss of the thousands of soldiers lost to this war, i hate to think of all the innocents that might be lost in another attack. do we have to wait for them to kill 3000 more people in one day?

i have a lot on my mind. i think that this blog will help me get some of it organized. hopefully over the course of the next few months i will get a comprable amount of writing done and maybe even a small following. i look forward to input from others. please note that dastardly comments will result in dastardly deeds.

thank you for your damn time.

- fallen jedi

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